Freelance Films is a London based company that has worked on and been creating award winning films for years.

We believe that creating great content is more than just what camera you have, its about the people who make it and ultimately the people in it. We work with the very best freelance DP’s, sound guys and post production crew to give your film the best chance of being something to really promote. We are passionate about what we do and can supply exceptional kit or crew to your projects or provide full on production services.


We have many facets to Freelance Films and first and foremost we look to provide you with exactly what it is that you need. We have been supplying kit and crew to award winning projects for years and its in the core of what we do. Alongside that we are more than happy producing content in house for your project, whether that be film, tv or commercial projects. Freelance Films is forever expanding, and we pride ourselves in the kit and crew that we have, always pushing the envelope.

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