Alexa Mini

The new Alexa Mini from Arri is what drone and gimbal operators have been aching for. Alexa image quality with recording resolutions upto UHD 4K and high speed of 200fps in a variety of ProRes codecs. We are one of the very first companies in the UK to have this gem and we expect it to be very popular.


Red Dragon

Our Carbon Dragon version weighs just 4lb's and is perfect for gimbal/drone work. An incredible dynamic range and high resolutions, we can supply with PL, EF or EF Motion mounts and also with a Atomos Samurai for simultaneous ProRes recording. An incredibly versatile camera.


Freefly MoVI

One of the cornerstones of what we do here at Freelance Films, we have all 3 iterations of the MoVI, meaning we can cater for any camera setup you require. We pride ourselves in being able to provide completely self contained MoVI packages, including camera for both Arri and Red workflows.


Freefly ALTA

The sky is the limit with the new Freefly ALTA hexacopter. The ALTA has the unique ability to mount any of our three MoVI's on to either the top or the bottom of the drone. We are currently obtaining our CAA licensing but have links with other drone operators.


Polecam Jib

Our carbon fibre polecam utilises upto 5 sections to give you a reach of 6 metres and with the long head, we can combine this with our C300, Alexa Min or Red Dragon when used with a lightweight lens. Perfect for shoots where mobility is important, the polecam is quick to setup and requires only one person.


Freefly Tero

Our Tero is one of the few in the country that allows for us to mount any of our MoVI systems and subsequent camera setups onto an RC car capable of speeds of upto 40 mph. Allowing for unique, dynamic shots you don't know you need it until you're using it at which point you wonder how you lived without it.



This controller takes your MoVI shoots to the next level. With joystick controls more akin to remote heads it allows for a finese over your shots resulting in even better footage. Combined with our 'Wedge' you can pull Iris and Focus directly on the controller. Included for free in our premium MoVI packages.


Canon C300

The C300 has been our workhorse camera for years now and is still regularly used. We love the image that comes out of this camera, incredible low light ability and with an EF mount it opens up to a huge array of available lenses.